Who We Are

Experis Cyber is a provider of cyber-security services (MSSP), featuring an innovative service of protecting any device at any place and time. Our cyber-security services monitor the organizational array from our Security Operations Center (SOC), manned 24/7 by security experts, analysts and architects. The Company's service model consists of 3 distinct layers of protection, providing a robust security perimeter to the organization. We provide comprehensive protection of the organizational data wherever it may be, whether it is an integral part of the organizational network, resides in a cloud service, or accessed by various devices.

The company employs a team of select highly skilled experts, each with many years of experience in the field. We cooperate with the Israeli National Cyber Bureau, utilizing the best existing knowledge and technology in the world today, using their guidance to monitor, detect and handle threats. As part of the global Experis Group, we offer our customers the benefits of years of accumulated experience in providing services to leading companies worldwide.

The benefits of using our services

Global Experience

  • We are part of a global organization, one of the largest IT companies in the world
  • The company employs hundreds of employees in Israel and tens of thousands abroad
  • Our customers belong to the private and government sectors such as the Israeli Defense and Transportation ministries, telecom, finance, health organizations and software and technology companies

Expertise and Novelty

  • We use a 3-layer security model, providing all-encompassing protection of any device at any place and any time
  • Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is manned 24/7 by security experts, ready to promptly respond to any threats encountered by the organization
  • We are guided by the National Cyber Bureau of Israel
  • We collaborate and have access to the world's largest security intelligence threat database, receiving information from 8,000 customers worldwide
  • Our SOC is constantly update with the newest cyber security tools and leading technologies and methodologies

Efficiency and Cost Reduction

  • We are able to deploy and connect to our SOC an entire cyber-security perimeter for any organization in a matter of days
  • Our model, is based on providing a cyber-security as a service, reducing up to 50% of the costs required for establishing and maintaining an array of data security products in your organization