Internet & Cloud security

Award-winning platform provides secure and efficient network communication for any user, from any device at any location, constantly.

The World's Leading Internet & Cloud security Technology

 We use ZScaler's winning technology, leading the Gartner's reports for the 6th year in a row as the best cloud& internet security platform.

The ZScaler platform is the world's largest global security database, deployed in over 100 data centers, while maintaining unparalleled performance with near-zero latency.

How Does It Work?

The ZScaler platform is implemented at the network gateway, between the organization and the Internet. It scan\'s every byte including encrypted traffic. Our experts are constantly filtering and analyzing the information flowing in and out of the organization, using  Incidence response procedures and tested methodologies to gain full perspective of current threats and countermeasures to be taken.

Combined power and efficiency

 The combined solution: our SOC with the ZScaler platform, allows us to offer secured web-browsing against advanced persistent threats (APT), with data loss prevention (DLP); SSL decryption; network traffic control; management of organizational security policy and cyber-intelligence - all this without requiring any upkeep of local hardware or software.


Threat Protection
Bi-directional scan of every byte passing through the network. Blocking of malicious software and cyber-attacks by multiple security layers: MD5 signature blocking, anti-virus engines, IDS, content scanning, machine learning, risk assessment, SSL decryption, cloud mining, risk profiling, sandboxing, APT countermeasures, and other measures.
Sandboxing / Behavioral Analysis
Defense against Zero-Day threats and ATP by detecting suspicious objects and triggering them within virtual 'sandboxes'. Malicious behavior is recorded and analyzed, and malicious objects are automatically blocked. This is performed simultaneously for 13 million connected platform users, practically in real time.

Policy & Compliance

URL Filtering
Limiting organizational exposure to risks associated with data-loss, by management of web access by users, groups and locales. URL's are filtered according to their global reputation.
Cloud Application Command and Control
Detection, monitoring and control over cloud-based applications. Defining an individual policy to ensure secure utilization of critical cloud-based applications, as well as an option to limit use by users, groups and locales.
Bandwidth Control
Simple and effective allocation of bandwidth to prioritize critical business applications over leisure use.
Data Loss Prevention
Complete control over network traffic, including SSL encrypted data, in order to prevent loss of sensitive information or intellectual property.

Management and Visibility

Central Policy Management & Reporting

Defining a unified policy for all aspects of security, web access management and data-loss prevention, with changes instantly reflected throughout the cloud. A central management interface provides view and analysis of all traffic, including all network assets at any place and in real time.

SIEM Integration

ZScaler's Nanolog NSS service smoothly transfers logs from the company cloud into the organizational network. The NSS service allows regulation compliance regarding local log archives.

Unmatched Benefits

• State-of-the-art technology, constantly updated to handle new threats
• Security experts at your service 24/7
• Intervention team is ready to respond immediately to any threat
• A cost-effective model, saving you the cost of deploying an internal data security array for your organization
• Complete protection of all network traffic, devices and users (including loT)
• Immediate and continuous protection enabling rapid response to threats and data-loss
• Blocking of data theft and botnet communication with infected devices
• Control of SSL encrypted traffic detects and blocks threats and data-leaks hidden within
• Instant, cross-cloud security updates - upon learning of a new threat, all 13 million platform users are instantly protected
• Complete, real-time view of network usage, per user, group or locale
• Implementing an individual access policy to cloud-based applications by users, groups and locales
• Thorough reports, security analyses and access to research via a central management terminal
• Displaying logs, creating reports and cross-referencing data for devices, locations and applications
• Global policy management - a unified security policy protects users wherever they use the organizational network